Class Recordings
Following is a listing of the Second Coming of Christ Class Recordings. They are in mp3 format, and are all available for listening online and/or downloading as is your preference.

Following each Class Segment is a brief description of the items contained in that Segment. Each of these items is preceded by a symbol to designate the nature of the activity.

X Segment Designations (Click Icons to Download))
This symbol designates a 'Presentation.'
XXX ! This symbol represents a 'Spiritual Practice.'

XXX+ This symbol represents 'Group Discussion.'

To listen and/or download a Segment, 'Click' on the icon to the left of the Segment you want, or 'Right Click' on the icon and select the appropriate action.

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Class One

Class One - Opening (Rev. 4/1/06)
XXX• Greeting from Rev. Marcia Sutton

Class One - Segment 1 (Rev. 4/1/06)
XXX! An Awareness Meditation
XXX! The GodSong Chant
XXX! An Opening Prayer
XXX! The Class Covenant

Class One - Segment 2 (Rev. 4/1/06)
XXX• How to Use this Syllabus
XXX• The Spectrum of Life
XXX• What's the Truth?

Class One - Segment 3 (Rev. 4/1/06)
XXX• The Stages of Seeing the Truth

Class One - Segment 4 (Rev. 4/1/06)
XXX• Three Kinds of Thoughts

Class One - Segment 5 (Rev. 4/1/06)
XXX! The Sacred Software Upgrade
XXX! The Closing Prayer

Class One - Segment 6 (Rev. 4/1/06)
XXX! 'Christ in Me' Chant
XXX! The Opening Prayer
XXX• The Bhagavad Gita
XXX• The Stages of Seeing the Truth

Class One - Segment 7 (Rev. 4/1/06)
XXX• The Evolution of the Soul in the
XXXEastern and Western Traditions

Class One - Segment 8 (4/2/06)
XXX• The Birth of Jesus and of
XXXIndividual Consciousness

Class One - Segment 9 (4/2/06)
XXX• The Purpose of Suffering
XXX• The Impulsion of Divine Love

Class One - Segment 10 (4/3/06)
XXX ! 'Christ in Me' Chant
XXX+ Sharing Experiences and Insights

Class One - Segment 11 (4/3/06)
XXX+ Sharing Experiences and Insights (contd.

Class One - Segment 12 (4/5/06)
XXX+ Sharing Experiences and Insights (contd.)
XXX• The Christ in Us
XXX• Reincarnation

Class One - Segment 13 (4/5/06)
XXX ! The 'Fear to Faith' Inner Process

Class One - Segment 14 (4/5/06)
XXX! The Releasing Prayer
XXX! The Lord's Prayer Music
XXX! 'My Lord's Prayer'

Class One - Segment 15
XXX! The 'What Happened Wisdom Tree'
XXX! The Oneness Prayer
XXX! The Forgiveness Process

Class One - Segment 16
XXX• The Assignments
XXX! The Thanksgiving Tree
XXX! The Closing Prayer

Class One - Closing
XXX• Invitation with Rev. Marcia Sutton

Classes Two through Six
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