Moving From Fear to Faith

A 'Talking Points' Essay by Ernest Holmes

The following essay is comprised of a numer of statements taken from various writings by Ernest Holmes. They have been assembled in a logical sequence of presentation in order to develop a greater understanding of the nature and development of faith.

FEAR: Antithesis of Faith
Fear is the antithesis of Faith. It is the negation of confidence. Like Faith, fear may be conscious or subjective, and if it is to be eliminated, it must be removed both consciously and subjectively.
,,,Science of Mind Glossary - Page 593

The Universal Doubt
While it is true that we can trace specific fears to certain incidents that transpired early in life, and while it is true that if we do this we can remove them, most fears finally resolve themselves into a very few attitudes of mind, most of which are based on the belief "no one wants me, needs me, or loves me; probably I am unworthy, unnecessary, and useless; I am inadequate to meet life, I have not the strength or the power or the will to overcome obstructions, and I do not fit anywhere."
(The Universal Doubt - "I am not enough." )

Well, the way to get rid of fear is through the cultivation of faith; a faith founded on the thought that God is all there is.
,,,Living the Science of Mind - Page 378

  Misplaced Faith
But what is fear? Nothing more nor less than,,,faith misplaced; a belief in two powers instead of One; a belief that there can be a Power, opposed to God, whose influence and ability may bring us evil. In other words, to correct all the evils of the world, would be but to have the positive faith, faith rightly placed, a faith that lays hold of the integrity of the Universe, the beneficence of God and the Unity of all life. Nevertheless, we cannot have faith in that which we do not in some measure understand.
,,,Science of Mind - Page 156

Converting Fear to Faith
Fear and faith are identical in that the energy used in the one is the same energy as that used in the other, since there is but one final Energy in the universe and this final Energy is the energy of thought. You should be careful not to fight fear too much, but rather, through a sort of flexible imagination, convert fear into faith. Realizing that it is a mental attitude, you can do this very easily.

Looking at the thing which you fear and examining the thought of fear which you have about it, convert this thought into one of faith, realizing that the energy of fear converted into faith will produce an effect exactly opposite. If you will look at the thing you are afraid of until you really understand it, it will no longer have any element of fear for you. You can do this in such degree as you are conscious of being Divinely guided and protected, and state your realization of this in a definite manner.
,,,Effective Prayer - Page 50,51


Facing Your Fears
To begin with you might follow a few simple rules. First of all, if you are filled with fears, do not harbor them as a great secret in your life but find some close friend or confidant to whom you may unburden your whole soul. This will release the tension which your fears have built up in your body. Just to talk with a calm, confident person, who can point out the reason why you need not entertain these fears, is a great relief.

This is, however, but a temporary thing, for next you must learn to face the fears. You should not be afraid to analyze them and you should explain to yourself just why you know there is nothing to be afraid of. Whenever you find yourself brooding over some fear or entertaining some anxiety, begin at once to do something about it.
,,,Living the Science of Mind - Page 362


FAITH: The Attitude of Truth
Faith is a mental attitude which is so convinced of its own idea - which so completely accepts it - that any contradiction is unthinkable and impossible. Before such a mental attitude can be created, there must be nothing left in the subjective state of our thought which contradicts our objective affirmation.
,,,Science of Mind - Page 283

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About Ernest Holmes (1887-1960)
A lifelong student of spiritual truth, Ernest Holmes was quite influentual in the American 'New Thought' movement throughout the middle of the twentieth century. He was the founder of the Church of Religious Science, which is still very active today, He also served as a spiritual mentor to many prominent people of his time. Perhaps, his greatest contribution was the development of a highly effective form of affirmative prayer that he called 'spiritual mind tratment.' ...LS

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