Let It Be

An Inspired Essay by Emma Curtis Hopkins
A degenderized excerpt from
The Gospel Series in Spiritual Science

Those who have folded themselves about with virtue and goodness as a garment, keep the prayers of their lifetime from coming to fruitage. They push the freedom of others against the wall, and the yoke they place upon others becomes a yoke upon themselves.

Many a good and pious heart wonders, with infinite wonder, why their prosperity does not come, when all their world regards them as worthy. They are wrapped around with a belief in goodness, as with a garment of impenetrable ether. Through this garment of belief, the prosperous goods of open toleration of all things will not flow.

To believe in goodness is to believe in badness. The terribly good often wonder why the terribly bad seem to have all the goods of the world. The terribly good are in ignorance that the terribly bad do not believe in their own badness as intolerably as terribly good seem to believe in it.

They that let the world come and go without the wisdom thereof, do more wisely in thinking that things are none of their business than the good people who feel it is their responsibility to convert the bad.

The saint is wrapped around with the ether of foolishness. The sinner is wrapped around with the earthly spoils of foolishness. It is all a belief in matter and evil. The doctrine of 'Let It Be' for the saint would open the sluice gates of heaven to pour down the gold and frankincense and myrrh.

The doctrine of 'Let It Be' held as a principle of goodness by sinners, would change them in the twinkling of an eye, and transform them into their 'First Estate.' They would be melted into the clear Spirit of God.

The doctrine of 'Let It Be' held in ignorance is higher than the doctrine of "I bind you to my ideas," in the supposition that, "I am holier than thou."

So the virtuous may take no credit to themselves, and those who are saintly may not boast in their soul, for prosperity cannot reach them till they have reached some star in the heavens where virtue is not worshipped and goodness is not made an idol of. There they will see that God has made all nations of one blood. There is none evil, nor good. They are all one in Jesus Christ.

The Unity of God is the Unity of Jesus Christ with all Humanity and God. All beings and Jesus Christ and God make One. To hold this in Peace is to find Wisdom speaking forth from all things. The rocks shall be seen by their words. The flies and the cherubim shall be found neither higher nor lower than each other.

The weariness of the yoke of believing that one person is seemingly more intelligent than another, rises into buoyant vigor wherever the mind sifts its fine glory of 'Let It Be'. For 'Let It Be' is the making of Wisdom. 'Let It Be' is the making manifest of Substance. 'Let It Be' is the making manifest of Health.

True Spiritual Being is the revelation of the Word of the highest 'Let It Be.' The fine sifting white Substance of 'Let It Be' is pouring from many today. Watch It streaming forth with fierce and ever increasing glory! It is the knowledge that there is none but the Offspring and Wisdom of Omniscience. Knowing this, and resting in the Peace of pure knowing, is the hastening baptism of Wisdom. By this baptism we are lifted away from thinking any doctrine that is too high for the people.

From now on, none shall come into our presence but the speakers of Wisdom. For there is none to come while the freedom of Mind is speaking 'Let It Be,' and the abhorrence of folly is lost. It is the doctrine of 'Let It Be' which gives to us the visibility of the Word.

By this freedom from virtue and goodness, the idea of Spirit that is held by a mind that has not known that virtue and goodness are not the Truth, drops from the mind.

Saints and other spiritual beings imagined by the lovers of virtue and goodness are not truly spiritual at all. Spiritual beings appear only to the mind that has let drop its ideas of virtues and goodness, knowing these ideals to be bondage wherever they walk.

The age of extreme religious sanctity and much checking of freedom is always followed by the license of immodesty and indulgence.

Thus, the bondage of all beliefs becomes apparent:

It is not Omniscience to believe anything. It is Omniscience to believe all things,which is to believe nothing.

It is not Omnipotence to be powerful and dominant others. It is Omnipotence to be the only Power, which is Love..

It is not Omnipresence to give instruction to mankind as to what to do and what not to do. It is Omnipresence to 'Let Be' and thus make manifest True Spiritual Being, the idea and demonstration of One Presence

An Afterword by Rev. Lloyd Strom
Many years ago,
I had an midnight vision of Jesus. Standing next to my bed, all that he said was, "Allow everything, and love everyone." The wisdom of this prescription has always stayed with me.

A few years later when I first encountered the essay above, I remembered my vision and intuitively knew that this essay was ripe with wisdom. Consequently, I have come back to it for guidance many times over the years. On each occasion I have always absorbed a little more wisdom into my soul.

Most recently, I was perplexed by Emma's seeming aversion to virtue. This seemed to contradict certain of the scriptures in the Gospels, where it was recorded that people were healed by the virtue of Jesus. Then it suddenly struck me. What the scripture actually says is that, "virtue went out of him." (Luke 6:19 & Luke 8:46) In other words, Jesus did not wear his virtue as an impenetrable cloak, but he released it, and let it go out of himself so that he could see the true and inherent perfection of those whom he healed.

Obviously, this is the insight that caused Emma to say that, "the fastest way to get your healing power going, is praise everyone and everything." This was the inspiration that led me to create the Praising Prayer. I am sure that this was also the same divine inspiration that was working in former Beatle, Paul McCartney, when he wrote:

When I find my self in times of trouble,
Mother Mary comes to me...
Speaking Words of Wisdom...
Let It Be.


About Emma Curtis Hopkins (1849-1925)
The great American Mystic, Emma Curtis Hopkins, brought forth a revelation of Truth that is still ahead of its time today. As with her many other writings, the little essay above reveals the spiritual mountain top of consciousness from which she lived. With clarity and grace, she gives us the 'eyes to see and the ears to hear' what the Wisdom of the Ages has prepared for us. As such, Let It Be is a rare gem that grows more brightly with each reading. May the Love and Wisdom that she expresses through her writings reach deep into your soul and bless your life completely. ...Rev. Marcia Sutton

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