The Mystery of Jesus Christ

An Inspired Essay by Emma Curtis Hopkins

An Introduction by Rev. Lloyd Strom
Many years ago
I had several seemingly successful people come to me for counseling about financial problems. What was most perplexing to them was the fact that they were all participating in a 'New Age' prosperity program that was popular at the time. Admittedly, I was also at a loss to explain this phenomena. So I prayed for the wisdom to understand it. That's when I first encountered the little essay below, and began to include the name of Jesus Christ in my prosperity prayers.

At the time, I was a bit surprised at the reluctance of some of my clients to embrace the 'good news' described below. However, I can only testify that over the years I have been greatly prospered, and that I am ever so grateful to be living in both ease and grace in my financial affairs. Consequently, I agree completely with St. Paul when he said, "My God shall meet all of your needs, according to his riches and glory by Christ Jesus." ,,,Phillipians 4:19

I would highly recommend that you read the following essay aloud to yourself several times over in order to collect the full effect of its spiritual transmission. And then, put the Principle into practice.

The Mystery of Jesus Christ

All of your affairs, as you now look at them, represent your former way of thinking. They are held together by the glue of your former ideas. Now if you withdraw that glue, what can you expect, but that your affairs will all fall to pieces to let the new affairs, representing your new way of thinking, establish themselves.

People are often astonished, after telling that God is their health to find that their health seems to fail them.The old foundations have been knocked from under them, by saying that God is their health. Formerly they felt that air and food and doctors were their health, but now they know better, and that knowledge sloughs off the health based upon foolishness. Then their health is founded on the true basis.

People say that God is their support, and their houses and lands are taken from them very soon. This astonishes them, but their possesions, which had been founded on business deals and workings after material methods, had no foundation that was worthwhile, and the true foundation would slough off all that was procured by any process unlike itself. This sudden destruction of property after making the true statement has been noticed by metaphysicians of all classes and kinds for ages. They have been almost afraid to tell the truth about possessions on account of the swift departure of them after telling the truth.

This poverty, after riches, by the sloughing off of the riches so badly founded, can all be avoided by acknowledging Jesus Christ in the mind as the Saviour from poverty and trouble. In some mysterious way the name Jesus Christ is the demonstration of Good and saves from the experiences of evil, which the bare Truth rushes us into. For instance, if you are speaking of God as your support be sure to add the words, "according to Jesus Christ." For you remember that Jesus Christ owned all the kingdoms of the world and the riches of them. That He went about leaving His possessions to take care of themselves, was just because He knew how to increase one penny into a million, any moment He pleased.

You liberate the Principle that worked through Him to operate freely through you by clarifying your mind with faith. The name Jesus Christ does not mean the historic man only. It means the visibility of power and riches and wisdom. We make ourselves and our power visible by the Name.

All the time that this Principle is speaking through us, it is saying eternally:

"I can preach the gospel through you.
I can heal the sick through you.
I can cast out demons by you.
I can raise the dead for you.
My sheep hear my voice "

This essay is excerpted from The Gospel Series in Spiritual Science by Emma Curtis Hopkins.


About Emma Curtis Hopkins (1849-1925)
The great American Mystic, Emma Curtis Hopkins, brought forth a revelation of Truth that is still ahead of its time today. As with her many other writings, the little essay above reveals the spiritual mountaintop of consciousness from which she lived. With clarity and grace, she gives us the 'eyes to see and the ears to hear' what the Wisdom of the Ages has prepared for us. As such, The Mystery of Jesus Christ is a rare gem that grows more brightly with each reading. May the Love and Wisdom that she expresses through her writings reach deep into your soul and bless your life completely. ...Rev. Marcia Sutton

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