The Spirit of Co-Creation

An Inspired Essay By
Rev. Marcia Sutton and Rev. Lloyd Strom

"Co-Creation" is a term that is currently emerging into the vocabulary of modern spirituality. Often, it is used to describe a form of creative relationship that might exist between ourselves and the Holy Spirit. However, such a concept would suggest that we are somehow separate from God, and that the creative spirit already within us is something other than divine in nature. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to describe the process of "Co-Creation" as the expansion of our personal creative abilities whenever we enter into agreement with other like minded people, and thereby co-create the highest good for all. This subtle shift in meaning is consistent with a much more profound process of spiritual evolution that is described in the Holy Bible.

On the Mountain Top
In ancient times the Old Testament prophets would isolate themselves by going up to the mountain top to engage in a personal relationship with God. They would then come down from the mountain and share with their followers what had been revealed to them through their experience. For many centuries this is how knowledge of God's will was revealed to humanity.

This practice of turning away from the activities of the world to more fully realize our relationship with God is an important one. It's an essential and necessary part of the evolution of our soul on its journey toward spiritual enlightenment. Regular communion with the Divine provides the place where we develop our personal relationship with God. In turn, this relationship contributes to a more abundant experience of life.

When Two or More Are Gathered
The next step in the spiritual evolution of humanity is revealed through the New Testament of the Holy Bible, where we are led into another level of awareness for the continuation of our spiritual journey. Unlike the way the term "Co-Creation" is often used today, the New Testament points to a somewhat different connotation-- especially as it relates to the teachings of Jesus. It is here that the term "Co-Creation" takes on a specific and expanded meaning. Some of Jesus' greatest teachings were done in small groups. When he brought the twelve disciples together, he formed the model for small group spiritual practice. In many other situations, he taught in even smaller groups of two to four people. Such an example is the teaching of "being born again" given to Nicodemus, or the "transfiguration on the mount" witnessed by the disciples John, Peter and James. It was in such small groups that the essence, or inner part of his teaching, was given to the world. (John 3:1-5 and Matthew 17:1-13 )

On numerous occasions Jesus proclaimed that, "the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Then, he proceeded to teach us how the Kingdom of Heaven could be ours, and how it could be revealed among us. "Again I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:19-20) Applying this message to our world today, we see that when "two or more" come together in the Presence of God and enter into "one accord," this Living Presence becomes consciously active in us, through us and all around us.

Let's look more carefully into this shift in consciousness from the Old to the New Testament. After we have become established in our personal relationship with God through "daily dedicated spiritual practice," we will find that group spiritual practice actually accelerates the process of healing within our soul. From a state of wholeness, God is no longer perceived to be just on a mountain top, but is actually within us and is always acting through us to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven which "is at hand" in our lives.

Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science, wrote that, "Christ is the Truth about ourselves." As we engage in a regular program of Co-Creative activities and practices, the Truth of Christ is more fully realized as being both in us, and among us. It is the Kingdom of Heaven which is truly "at hand." Through our devotion to both individual and group spiritual practice, we actually make a movement in consciousness from the more personal and rational nature of Mental Science to the more transpersonal and mystical nature of true Spiritual Science. This is actually a movement from living under spiritual law to living in the "Grace of God."

Of One Accord
There is a mystery in the experience of what occurs whenever "two or more are gathered together in the name of God." This mystery reveals itself as the Process of Co-Creation, which takes place whenever we gather together with others in "one accord." In the Book of Acts, many miracles where attributed to the actions of the disciples of Jesus. It is written that these extraordinary events always took place when they were of "one mind and one accord." Consequently, the process of Co-Creation becomes the substance that miracles are made of. This is because the Co-Creation Process always produces something greater than what has been done in the past, and its end result is always "newness." That is to say, it produces a new creation through a cooperative process. It is not a technique, but rather a collective "state of consciousness" that unfolds through the process of group healing.

As a spiritual practice, "Co-Creation" is a procedure for initiating a process of group healing that in turn releases a cooperative creative impulse through each member of the group. The procedure of Co-Creation is the step-by-step methodology that initiates the process. However, the process of Co-Creation is a spontaneous activity that reveals the wholeness of the participants. This revelation produces new conditions in our lives that exceed our greatest expectations.

A Modern Example
Let us examine a real life example of a Co-Creation Process. Recently, a group of ministers and other church leaders from across the country gathered at a retreat center in the beautiful Cascade Woodlands in Northern Oregon. They had come together to be trained to facilitate the process of Co-Creation in their respective churches and organizations. We began by taking this group though a Co-Creation Process for the purpose of creating "world peace." For many years a popular song has been sung in churches around the world to the lyrics, "Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me." In this retreat, we used the process of Co-Creation to reveal how Peace could begin with each of us.

The first step in bringing this group into agreement was to discover the hidden beliefs that keep them from experiencing perfect Peace in the present moment. Thus, they would first have to recognize, uncover and heal their own mental obstructions and false beliefs. These were the hidden elements in their consciousness that kept them separated from the experience of their highest good, which is God.

Some of the errors that were uncovered included beliefs in ignorance, lack, separation, unworthiness, victimization and violence. Once these beliefs were exposed to the Light of Truth, through both individual and group spiritual practice, the passageway for Spirit to reveal Itself through the group was greatly expanded. Every "error belief" that was released by them, created an opening for the Spiritual Light within them to shine more brightly through them. In this way, each of them truly became a "light unto the world," as Jesus had promised.

Once the healing work was completed, the group then engaged in a cooperative process to collect their highest aspirations for creating "world peace" in their own experience of life. These ideas were assembled into a document called a "Sacred Covenant." Each person's final covenant represented what they could fully agree with and commit to. It also provided a document that could then be prayed for, as well as shared with others. The fulfillment of this "Sacred Covenant" will result from the practical application of the promise of God, as given through Jesus, "that when two or more agree as touching anything on earth, it shall be done by the creative process of Life Itself flowing more freely through all creation."

In conclusion, we can now see that Co-Creation is an interactive process by which the wisdom of God finds Its expression through us, both individually and collectively. The real 'Spirit of Co-Creation' is Love. For Love alone dispels the fear that allows our Faith to emerge. As our fears are dissolved, the obstacles in our lives are removed and the opportunity is provided for the "newness of Spirit" to manifest Itself as an experience of "Heaven on Earth."

Rev. Marcia Sutton - Rev. Lloyd Strom
January 2003

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