What is Co-Creation?

An Inspired Essay by Rev's Marcia Sutton and Lloyd Strom

Co-Creation is a procedure for initiating a Process of group healing that in turn releases a cooperative creative impulse through each member of the group. The procedure of Co-Creation is the step-by-step methodology that initiates the Process. However, the Process of Co-Creation is a spontaneous activity that reveals the wholeness of the participants as new conditions and circumstances in thier lives that exceed their greatest expectations.

Co-Creation is an interactive Process by which the wisdom of God finds its expression through us, both individually and collectively. It is the practical application of the deep mystical Truth that whenever “two or more are gathered” in the name of God, the “presence” of God becomes consciously active in our lives.

Co-Creation acknowledges that affirmative prayer is one of the greatest tools available for individual evolution. However, it goes beyond the practice of personal prayer to provide a Process, that when coupled with small group synergy, supports the evolution of consciousness through “group initiation.” In this way, the Living Presence of God is experienced when the “two or more are gathered” together to make the move from Law to Grace, which is the movement from the more personal and rational nature of Mental Science to the more trans-personal and mystical nature of true Spiritual Science.

Co-Creation always produces something greater than what has been done in the past because its end result is always “newness.” That is to say, it produces a new creation through a cooperative Process. It is not merely a technique, but rather a collective “state of consciousness” that unfolds through the Process of group healing. Healing takes place throughout the whole Process because there is always something (idea, belief, pattern, behavior, etc.) that is released so that the creative Process of Life can more abundantly express Itself through us.

Co-Creation is a cooperative Process. Therefore, it produces the opportunity for individuals to come into a consentual commitment with others by developing clarity around their shared values. In this way, something greater is created than what any one person could have accomplished alone. The foundation of the “Co-Creation Process” is Faith, and its only rule is Love. For Love alone dispells the fear that allows our Faith to emerge. As our fears are dissolved, the obstacles in our lives are removed and the opportunity is provided for the “newness of Spirit” to manifest Itself as an experience of “Heaven on Earth.”

Rev. Marcia Sutton and Rev. Lloyd Strom 2001