Every human soul is making the same eternal journey from the darkness of our primal nature to the Light that abides in the Heart of God. This journey is depicted as the Path to Everywhere on the Cosmic Mandala above. Roll your cursor over each footstep on the path to reveal its meaning. Then, click on any of the footsteps to explore its deeper meaning below. | index |

Exploring the Path to Everywhere

Walk in the Dark
We begin our journey
walking in the darkness of our primal, or subconscious nature. We tend to live our lives in an habitual manner based on patterns inherited from our ancestors and created out of the ignorance of our past experiences. | Index |
Walk in the Flesh
The next step on our journey is the walk of the flesh. Here we tend to live according to what our physical senses can tell us. Consequently, we are moved only by what we can taste, touch, hear, see and smell. | Index |
Walk in Fear
Once we awaken to our sentient nature, we begin to obey our feelings, as well as our senses. The most powerful of these emotions is fear, which is the mechanism of our survival Instinct. At this point our fears become both a help and a hindrance on our journey. On the one, hand they protect us from harm. However they also limit our expression and exploration of life. | Index |
Walk in Knowledge
As we awake to our higher mental faculties,
instinct is replaced by intellect, and we begin to walk in the world of knowledge. This is one of the most treacherous realms on our journey, simply because our intellect is capable of rationalizing almost everything that we do. Consequently, without strong moral guidance it is easy to fall into many patterns of self-indulgent behavior that ultimately become self defeating in terms of making progress on our journey. | Index |
Walk in Faith
As we turn our minds
towards the light of higher knowledge, or Truth, our intuition opens up and we begin to walk in faith. As a direct intuition of Truth, our faith becomes an inner beacon to guide us on our journey. Even more remarkably, as we make the move from fear to faith, we find that our faith can do what we don;t know how to. | Index |
Walk in the Spirit
When we walk in the Spirit, we are walking in the light of spiritual understanding, which is wisdom. At this point in our journey we begin to apprehend the unity and oneness of all life. To walk in the Spirit, is to reveal the divinity that is within us for all the world to see. At this point on our journey, all selfishness falls away, and we begin to live our lives in order to bring prosperity into the lives of others. | Index |
Walk in Love
As we near the end of our journey,
we begin to walk in perfect Love, which is a full awareness of oneness with all life. This form of unconditional spiritual Love is our highest state of being. It is known as Agape in the West and Ananda in the East. Up until now, humanity has only known the raptures of romantic and brotherly love. | Index |

Walk as the Light
Once we complete our journey
into the Light that abides in the Heart of God, we can continue to remain in this world in order to serve those who are still on their journey. In this case we no longer walk just IN the Light, but AS the Light of God. This is the state that Jesus was in when he said, " As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world." ...John 9:5 This exalted state of being is the possibility that exists for each one of us. It is the highest fulfillment of our journey to the Light. | Index |

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