My vocation is the vehicle through which I creatively express myself in the world. It is a calling which speaks to my heart and utilizes my natural talents, skills and abilities. Additionally, my vocation will always provide the physical and financial support necessary for me to live a prosperous life, provided I have the faith to receive it. This is because Spirit always supports Its own expression. Furthermore, Spirit will "abundantly" support Its highest expression through me, which is always some form of service to others.

The essence of my ministry is to be engaged in some activity that serves other people. My concept of ministry is not limited only to those activities which are non-secular, religious or charitable in nature. There are many opportunities for me to help and serve others in my day-to-day life regardless of the career path to which I have been called. I know that the principle of Ministry is needed in office buildings and corporate boardrooms as much as it is in churches, soup kitchens and shelters. Because there is no place where God is not, there is no place where I cannot express the self-giving nature of Love.

My Vocational Ministry is the right livelihood and perfect occupation that fills my life with joy and rewards me abundantly beyond my greatest expectations. Furthermore, my Vocational Ministry always provides some form of service to others that makes the world a better place to be. I know that any honest occupation, job or profession can be turned into a Vocational Ministry through right intentions and dedicated spiritual practice. Consequently, the starting point of my Vocational Ministry is the occupational situation that I am currently engaged in. Whenever I encounter an unpleasant circumstance in the pursuit of my livelihood, I use the situation as an opportunity to prepare myself for something greater. The way that I do this is by changing my attitude about where I am, and what changes both my attitude and my situation is engaging in the practice of serving others with love.
(This page was taken from the course manual for the Sacred Days of Ministry Retreat.)