Notable Quotes About Christ

A Collection of Quotes and Aphorisms
from Great Minds and Sacred Teachings

Be sure to read these notable quotes and
aphorisms aloud to yourself in order to
experience the full anoiting of their wisdom.

Jesus Christ
"Jesus said to them, But whom do
you say that I am? And Simon Peter
answered and said, You are the
Christ, the Son of the living God."

...Matthew 16:15,16

David Spangler
"Potentially, we have everything that Jesus
or any other great person has ever had.
This greatness is called the Christ.
The Christ is the urge within each
of us to fulfill our potential."

Ernest Holmes
"Christ is the presence of God within
the individual human soul."

"Christ is the truth about ourselves."

Charles Fillmore
"Let us remember that in declaring Jesus
to be present with us, we are placing
ourselves in a thought atmosphere that
will help us to quicken our own Christ Mind.
...Christ existed long before Jesus...
abides in each person as his
potential perfection."

Paul Barrett
"Yes, Jesus was our way-shower;
now Christ within Jesus is our way..
.We all can speak the word Christ and
yet everybody focuses on the man,
Jesus. We are speaking of the Spirit of God
that dwelled in the man Jesus. We are
speaking of the Divine Spirit that is within
all men. There is Christ in you, as there
is Christ in me, as there was Christ in Jesus.
The difference between ourselves and Jesus
is that He reached a point in his unfoldment
where he relied wholly upon Christ."

Emma Curtis Hopkins
"Perfect conditions are Jesus Christ come
again. So I bring forth Jesus Christ to this age.
My Jesus Christ is a whole world in the
same estate of power and life and
understanding as Jesus Christ had and
does have and forevermore shall have."

Joel Goldsmith
"You can see that there never was a time
when the Christ was not present awaiting
your recognition, and there will never be a
time when that Christ will not be present
as individual consciousness."

Ravi Ravindra
"The teaching of Jesus Christ exists for
exactly the same purpose as do all other
authentic teachings: to show mankind a way
of transformation of being so that one may
live not self centered, as one normally
does, but God centered."

Jacob Boehme
"The seed of Christ has been
planted in every human heart."

Reshad Feild
"The eternal messenger is always within,
waiting to unfold the moment through the
Word, and one day when Mary is recognized
again, there will be a reappearance of the
Christ, manifested in the outer world."

Adi Da Samraj
"The love of Christ is the support and source
of bliss, the conscious energy of spiritual
existence, under all conditions. It makes life
madly joyful, even on the cross. Under the
worst trials, it does not guarantee a mood of
playful happiness, but it supports the deep
joy of faith and mystical communion. This
love is the internal condition of our souls,
whereby the eternally present Christ draws
us to himself."