Notable Quotes About Mary

A Collection of Quotes and Aphorisms
from Great Minds and Sacred Teachings

Be sure to read these notable quotes and
aphorisms aloud to yourself in order to
experience the full anoiting of their wisdom.

Emma Curtis Hopkins
"As Mary looked beyond all ideas into the God
beyond ideas, she brought forth Jesus Christ."

"The Holy Mother Mary will teach you how to love
so that all hate shall be melted where you
speak and where your face is seen."

"The ministry of God is the Spirit of God,
the Mother. The Mother is fair and kind and
untouched by the name of sin, sickness or death."

Charles Fillmore
"Mary represents the soul that magnifies
the Lord 'daily in the temple' and through
its devotions prepares itself for the higher
life. She signifies the divine motherhood
of love. She can also be said to be intuition."

a Catholic Prayer
"O Most Perfect Mother, we thy children
open ourselves to thy compassionate love.
We ask for guidance that we may be pure
vessels for thy healing power, channels of
thine infinite tenderness, and a chalice for
thy divine grace. Amen".

Rev. Marcia Sutton
"The loving presence of the living Christ
has taught me how to love others. Now,
it is Blessed Mary that is teaching me
how to love myself."

Beverly Donofrio
"I've read many times that Mary is the
intermediary between her son and us.
She brings us to her son. That is her
role and her job. She is the conduit
between the human and the divine.
She was human herself but gave birth
to God. It is through her that Jesus has
his humanity. And by continually giving
birth to faith, she continues to give birth
to her son."

"I came (to Medjugorje in Bosnia) because
I want Mary to mother me and teach me
mother things, like how to love."

Thomas Kempis
"Honor Mary and you will receive an
everlasting reward. Two blessings
especially are gathered by often
recalling to mind Mary's holy way
of life. In good times she teaches
you to praise God from the depth
of your heart, and in times of
misfortune, to remain patient.

Rev. Suz Ogden
"I am open as the Virgin Mother Mary.
Giving birth to the Christ in me.
Surrendering to the will and wisdom of God.
Holding the hope of glory for all the world to see."
Lyrics from the song "Woman"

Adi Da Samraj
"The Holy Mother Mary has brought me to
Christ and revealed to me the Truth of all
that I have undergone in the past many years."

Rev. Lloyd Strom
"Mary represents the purified soul that
has been touched by Love, and is filled
with Peace. Such a soul gives birth to that
which is perfect, even as our Father in heaven
is perfect. When we praise Mary, we become
like Mary, and our souls will give birth to that
which is perfect."

Reshad Feild
"The eternal messenger is always within,
waiting to unfold in the moment through the
Word, and one day when Mary is recognized
again, there will be a reappearance of the
Christ, manifested in the outer world."