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Explore the 'Universal Palette' above by rolling your cursor over each of the little eyes on the chart in order to reveal what each of colors mean. Then click on any of the little eyes to see the expanded explanations below, When you are done reading, you can return to the Mandala by clicking on the color swatch or on the link at the end of each paragraph.

Exploring The Universal Palette

White - Wholeness
is the sum of all colors. It contains all colors, yet is other than all colors. It represents the Wholeness of Life.
Notice that the white light in the Mandala is in the shape of a five pointed star that reaches out to embrace every color in the Spectrum of Life. Furthermore, the five pointed star depicts the shape of a human being (you), and is also an esoteric symbol of the risen Christ. | mandala |
  Violet - Love
is obtained by combining Blue (spirit) and Pink (body). Instead of this combination producing a vibrational rate mid-way between Pink and Blue, it produces a vibration that is greater than either. Violet represents the mystical marriage of heaven and earth. It contains both, yet is greater than either one. Such is the nature of Love.
Notice that Love is produced when the Mind (yellow) gets out of the way of the coming together of Heaven (blue) and Earth (pink). For without Yellow there is no Orange or Green, only Violet.
| mandala |
  Blue - Spirit
Blue represents the Spiritual, or Heavenly, aspect of our being. This realm is sometimes referred to as the supernatural.
| mandala |
  Green - Intuition
Green is created by mixing Blue (Spirit) and Yellow (Mind). This combination represents the means by which our mind is connected to our Spirit through the activity of our intuition. | mandala |
  Yellow - Mind
Yellow represents the higher mental faculties of our mind, which are exposed to both the visible world of our senses, and the invisible world of Spirit. | mandala |
  Orange - Emotion
The color orange is created by the mixture of Yellow (mind) and Pink (body). This combination reveals the way that our mind is connected to the physical world through our emotions. | mandala |
  Pink - Body
Pink represents our embodiment in the physical realm of the senses. This includes our personal 'flesh body,' as well as the 'body of our affairs.' | mandala |
  Gray - Hidden (Subconscious)
Gray represents the mixture of White (wholeness) and Black (mystery). This combination produces a condition of light (awareness) being partially obstructed and/or obscured. It signifies the hidden or subconscious aspect of our being. | mandala |

Black - Mystery
Black is the absence of all color. The darkness defines the light and gives it meaning. Also, the darkness holds all that has yet to 'come to light' in our lives. In this sense, the darkness does not hide our good from us, it holds it for us. Black represents the mystery of God.
| mandala |

The Path to Everywhere
The way that we make our way from the hidden nature of our subconscious being into the Light that abides in the Heart of God is by treading The Path to Everywhere (Click to go there next).